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Guidelines - Photographs for Registration Purposes

This is to give you some idea of pictures we require to enable the Registration process.

All photographs need to be about 6 inches by 4 inches (15cm x 10cm) which is approximately the standard size of professional prints that you can have done at Boots etc.

 Any bigger and they will not fit the passport page.

Each picture should be a clear, close up full view. The side shots need to be taken square on and should include tips of ears to ground with hooves showing.

The rear and front shots should include the legs down to to hooves. Anything missing will mean we cannot process the passport and this will inevitably cause a delay for you. 

You may print your own photographs BUT only onto good quality glossy photo paper. They must not be distorted or blurred and please don't send peculiar coloured pictures or those with printer lines through them

It is much easier to get it right first time.

Examples of Photographs and angles required

Front & Rear view must be fairly close up and include ears to hooves 
Side shots should be 'square on'
And must include tips of ears to ground with hooves
No blurred photos will be accepted 
  Remember, two photographs need to fit an A5 passport page