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This page is intended to update members and non members with information that Council feel needs to be circulated in between Newsletters so please come back often and check for updates. Thank you


As we are all aware the costs of showing are forever on the increase so going to lots of shows are out of the reach of many people so council have changed the points system to make it easier to acquire enough points to enable members to reach, at least  the minimum amount required to win one of our gorgeous rosettes, see right for more info,  so come on folks get your log books ready for the new showing season, forms are on the website, any problems please contact me.

Regards Carol   



08/12/2015 - 


On 1st January 2016 the rules for obtaining Equine passports is changing. From this date, all equine passports produced throughout the EU will be identical in layout.

How this affects you as owners?

  • Passports before 1st January will remain the same. The law is not retrospective BUT if you hold a passport that does not have a Section ix (9) then it is not legal and you need to have it updated/replaced as soon as possible or your vet will not administer drugs and you may be prosecuted. I urge you to check your passports and contact your passport issuer asap if this needs updating
  • ALL late passport applications made after the horse is 6 months old or 31st December in year of birth will be issued as either Duplicate or Replacement passports (Duplicate if the horse is entitled to a breed pedigree) (Replacement if not) This means if you apply for a foal passport after 6 months old then one or the other will be applied to the passport and all late applications will be removed from the food chain without exception
  • All descriptions on registration applications MUST be completed correctly. If you intend to complete the descriptive yourselves then it must be done before your Vet microchips your horse. Your Vet must agree with your description before he/she implants the microchip and the microchip site must be indicated on the diagram. All white areas must be clearly identified. This is law and must be done correctly.

There is an FEI Guide on the BApS website to aid correct completion of the descriptive and diagram. Please follow the guidelines as if they are not produced properly your application will be returned and passport not produced.

All I mention applies to very UK PIO not just BApS. I am just giving you advanced warning of what is to come very shortly. If anyone has any concerns or questions then please contact me and I’ll be happy to advise. Paula 

National Show - Appaloosa Slideshow

BApS 2015 Stallion Service Raffl

Winner will receive a free service to Wearview Victorio including 3 weeks mare keep. This is a fantiastic opportunity for anyone wishing to breed their mare to a quality appaloosa stallion.  Tickets on sale at all shows and by post. The winner will be drawn at the Scottish Appaloosa Show later this year. Please contact Karen Parks for more details
The service has been kindly donated by Heather Reaney HKF Appaloosas


Price Increases from 1st January 2015

From January 1st 2015 Registration prices increased to take into account all the new EU Legislation that this society is adapting to

Main and Part Bred Passport Applications have increased to £20 for members and £35 for non members

Late  Registration fees have increased to £45 for members and £55 for non members

Replacement/Duplicate Passport Applications have increased to £20 for members and £35 for non members

Non Appaloosa (Basic ID) Passport Applications have increased to £15 for members and £20 for non members

November 2014

We are regularly seeing horses being promoted for sale across the internet and on Facebook with the comment "eligible for BApS registration"  If you are interested in anything that is being promoted this way the please ask the Registrar prior to purchase or you may be very disappointed.

Not ALL spotted horses are automatically eligible for BApS registration. Anything that leaves a breeder without being registered not only breaks the law but may be precluded from our registration or require DNA to prove continuity of breeding, and not ALL equine passports qualify for over stamping. They have to meet our rule criteria.

So be aware, ask the right questions and make certain before parting with your hard earned cash