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                            The British Appaloosa Society Pleasure Award Scheme

The Appaloosa Pleasure Award (for BApS registered horses only) and the Pleasure Award (for all other equines) are designed to award you with a rosette showing how many hours you have ridden / driven in the scheme year, which runs from 1st January to 31st December 2017
You will receive an official logbook to record hours spent riding or driving your horse.
All equine riding/driving disciplines count.
You may join more than one horse and receive a rosette per horse/rider combination. The first two are free but a small fee applies to more than 2 horses entered.
All participants/riders/drivers must be members of British Appaloosa Society.
Members may join at anytime during the year, but understand that they will have less time before the end of the year to accumulate hours.
Hours cannot be carried forward to the next year and all participants will start at zero at the beginning of each year or from the date of enrollment if later.
All profits will go to British Appaloosa Society.
Award rosettes will be personalised with your annual achievement in hours. League tables will be produced after the completion of the scheme and published in the British Appaloosa Society newsletter and on the website. Each year the award will close on 31st December , please ensure logbooks are sent to the administrator (either by post or email) to arrive on or before 14 January 2018.  The administrator will then check logbooks, then produce the league tables and order the award rosettes. Any log books received after this date will not be included in the league tables and will not receive a personalised rosette.
Laila Carruthers
Award Administrator
British Appaloosa Society
Cumbria  CA10 2QZ

TO ENROL in the Scheme:   
 (Pleasure Awards run 1st January 2017 to 31st December  2017). I agree to abide by the Pleasure Award Rules.
Once you press the "SUBMIT" button you will be redirected to the BApS Home page if the submission has been successful.  Thank You !
Please indicate which Pleasure Award you wish to join by selecting the appropriate choice below:-
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For those who would prefer a traditional Application Form to complete and post off to Laila then the form in pdf can be downloaded from the link


British Appaloosa Society ~ Appaloosa Pleasure Award

1    Caroline Thompson             E.B.A. Merlot             268 Hours 9 Minutes
2    Joanna Starkey                   Capitall Hazel             202 Hours 35 Minutes
3    Laura Kerr                           Ace of Diamonds V1    188 Hours
4    Claire Tucker                        Obama (Obie)            156 Hours 45 Minutes
5    Patricia Funnell                     Lynfield Lucy              151 Hours 50 Minutes
6    Rachael Young                     E.B.A. Creme Brulee    141 Hours 45 Minutes
7    Rachael Young                     Tinker’s Gold              132 Hours 30 Minutes
8    Michelle Stanley                    Harboros Apollo          126 Hours
9    Susanna Fairburn                 Charlie Magic Maker    124 Hours 5 Minutes
10    Nikki Robinson                    Amazing Black Arrow   106 Hours 50 Minutes
11    Elaine Machin                      E.B.A. Jeroboam (Jerry)    88 Hours 10 Minutes
12    Joanna Starkey                  King of Puzzles    76 Hours 45 Minutes
13    Rachael Young                   E.B.A. Snowy River    63 Hours 30 Minutes                          14    Janet Paskins                      Clearwater Dream Boy (Buddy)      62 Hours
15    Janet Paskins                      Clearwater Revival (Alfie)    54 Hours 20 Minutes                     16    Caroline Thompson            Randalls Hallival (Halli)    50 Hours 45 Minutes                      17    Wendy Upton-Shaw           Rowberton Winema    45 Hours
18    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Quilt     32 Hours 30 Minutes
19    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Tapestry    31 Hours
20    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Suede    30 Hours
20    Wendy Upton-Shaw            August Starfire           30 Hours
22    Wendy Upton-Shaw            Rio Wanita                25 Hours
23    Jane Calladine                      Batwell Indian Trail (Indi)    15 Hours 30 Minutes
24    Rachael Young                    Alice Tinker              13 Hours 45 Minutes
25    Jane Puttock                      Barwood Keeden      10 Hours

British Appaloosa Society ~ Pleasure Award

1    Laura Kerr                          Jack             172 Hours
2    Louise Glover                      Roseanna's Let's Go (Bella)    97 Hours 30 Minutes
3    Sue Loud                            Tio              96 Hours 35 Minutes
4    Catherine Goodwin              Snow          89 Hours
5    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Kambric    83 Hours
6    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Justice of the Peace    78 Hours
7    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Chimes    50 Hours
8    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Time Honoured    47 Hours
9    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Liberty Belle    35 Hours
10    Scarlett Lily Herron-Ward        Lady Shenanigans    20 Hours 40 Minutes
11    Jack Robinson                    Hope        18 Hours 57 Minutes
12    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Haida Tally Ho    16 Hours
13    Michelle Stanley                  Captain     8 Hours 50 Minutes
14    Caroline Belam (Rider Elsie Mitchell)    Brunties Misty Dawn    7 Hours
15    Michelle Stanley                  Rocky      4 Hours 5 Minutes